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Hearing aid labs ( http://www.hearingaidlabs.co.za ) was started in 1995 by electrician Richard Lloyd. The hobby of fixing hearing aids turned into a full time career and with the assistance of some dear friends in the industry he started teaching others about this fascinating field. Originally from Zimbabwe Richard has made south Africa his home. If you would like to learn about hearing aids and become a hearing aid specialist then contact Richard for more info at the call centre below.

At Hearing Aid Labs we develop and produce modern and remarkable hearing aids. Our quality hearing aids are imported from Germany delivering excellence in design and production ensuring an impressive customer satisfaction ratio. Hearing Aid Labs is predominantly a Natal based group of outlets in South Africa with shops located in Kloof, Westville, Musgrave, Kingsburgh, Scottburgh and Margate. We are however excited to announce that we will be opening a new hearing aid store in Centurion, Johannesburg.

Visit one of our shops for a free hearing check and a video onscreen view of your eardrum to ensure that it is free to function correctly without wax impediment

Hearing Aid Labs

Shop 19A Umhlanga Centre,

189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga, South Africa, 4319

Phone: 0315612169



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